Friday, August 15, 2008

lots of unnecessary hyphens.

so the other night we were at old zinnie's and there were many people there to make fun of. i know i'm not a 'fashonista' or anything, but holy cow! we took a picture, but it didn't come out for whatever 'i-took-this-picture-in-the-dark' reason. i also found the dress online, but you can't tell how horrible it is.

bad photo in the dark

what you can't tell by this photo, is the front striped part on the top is really a bib. it's repeated in the back as a cape. um, wtf? so from the side you get this 'i'm-a-messy-eating-super-hero' look, or 'i'm-blind,-and-as-a-joke-gone-horribly-wrong,-i-got-my-blind-friend-to-dress-me'.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot about this disaster. This is what happens when friends let friends shop drunk.