Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i love memphis

really, that's why i moved here.
i just love it.

memphian's support their local artists.
therefore i get to eat, and pay rent.
thank you.
if you don't know, i will be doing the farmer's market downtown every other week.
( i alternate with another group of potters)
click here for a better map and here for their site.
The Memphis Farmers Market is located at the Central Station Pavilion, G.E. Patterson and Front Street.

PARKING is FREE at the Central Station on market days.

i also will be attending the farmer's market in the botanical gardens once a month. (second wednesday of each month)
here is their website

so i will be at the markets:


Wednesday July 9th at the Botanical Garden's from 2-6

Wednesday August 13th at the Botanical Garden's from 2-6

Wednesday September 10th at the Botanical Garden's from 2-6

Wednesday October 8th at the Botanical Garden's from 2-6

hopefully i will get to do more of the dates, check back for updates.
so, come to the market, it's pretty awesome.
my booth is located on the far side behind the bathrooms.

roomie and i had friends over this weekend, it was awesome.
saturday i did the market and they all took naps.
then we went to the flying saucer downtown and joined the beer knurds club, which we probably should have done 2 years ago.
went to the arcade for breakfast on sunday, it wasn't as good as usual.
then back to the saucer. for um, 6 hours.
then to the baseball game! redbirds lost by 1 :(
we went to zinnies east.
it was sunday and the lamplighter was closed by the time we got around to it.
monday we went to young ave deli.
got an awesome pizza that we are both still eating on.
mmm, pizza for breakfast sounds good...

have a lovely day memphis, and thanks again.

Friday, May 23, 2008

woo hoo it's friday!

we have peeps coming from the land down under tennessee,
which would affectionately be known as l.a.
they get here tonight.
i am doing the farmer's market tomorrow.
then baseball games and lots and lots and lots of drinking.
wish me luck as i peddle my pots.
which reminds me, i have to go price those suckers.
i am not excited about moving my table though.
ugh. i need another table. stat.
anybody have one i can borrow for tomorrow morning?
6ft by 3 ft or so?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

dining and drinking mmmmm

i don't remember if i mentioned this but the deli (young ave deli) has badass pizzas. i don't think you could muck up anything with gouda on it.

their 'special' of fish tacos were anything but special though.
they were mushy, gooey, textureless, flavorless, and all around awful.
picture tuna out of a can mushed up and something mushy added to it to make it more mushy plopped in a soft taco with a mound of extra soft guacamole with some lettuce on top.
who the fuck did this?
are you a toothless blind person?
fish tacos are usually in a soft taco, yes.
they are usually a solid frickin piece of fish though!
oh, and put some cabbage on there instead of lettuce.
i mean, for fucks sake.

this is a fish taco.
found on the internet here

and i'm not a fan of the 'sam i am'
it wasn't bad, i just didn't really like it.
same for the hummus.

my roomie who hates mushrooms and asparagus, has starting eating the stuffed mushrooms from the blue monkey.
i will admit, they are yummy, but to convert a non-believer to the wonderful, bountiful, goodness that is fungus?
i'd say that's down right amazing.
now to get him to crossover to the asparagus parts of the planet....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mobile vs memphis

well, there really is no comparision. i definately love memphis.
however, mobile is nice too.
(insert your own 'really hot person vs semi-hot person')

if you are ever in the port city here are my suggestions:

burger: butch cassidy's
coldest beer: veets
best 'free' crawfish: the garage
two for tuesday: the garage
happy hour with 24 oz coors lights for 2.75: wings, on airport blvd
ribs: wow, cafe and wingery, catherine and government (across the street from the ghetto winn dixie)
brunch: callaghan's
bar with the best bands: the blind mule
best thing to do on a saturday morning, hungover or not: farmer's market in cathedral square

that's all i can think of for now for mobile.